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Dec 21, 2013

Not a morning girl

Mr Shine has been beating me almost nightly, as well as fucking me very regularly lately. It's been a mostly mutually pleasing experience. But not always...

I'm not a morning girl. 6AM: I'm awake and he has persuaded me to use my latest gift, a powerful and delicious lelo vibrator. I submit to applying it under his watchful eye, deciding the inevitable pleasure it brings will overcome the early hour.

He strokes my neck, my nipples, between my legs - softly, carefully. Then as I warm up: the strokes turn to slaps and he twists and bites my nipples, enjoying my cries of intermingled pain and pleasure.

Tells me to hurry up, that he's going to fuck me soon. Between his insistent hands, the promise of what's to come, and my new lelo friend I'm almost at the point of coming.

"Enough, I want you now."

Takes my toy away and thrusts into me quickly, silencing my bubbling outrage by pulling my hair sharply until I'm reduced to whimpers.

He is uncompromising in his objective, hard and fast, his pleasure is what matters, not mine. And when he's satisfied he withdraws and leaves me to my frustration.

No, I'm not a morning girl.

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Mr Shine said...

'Whimpers'. Indeed. Very lovely.

You have mail ;-)