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A girl who enjoys sexual freedom. Who seeks pleasure through pain. Who is eager to explore her sexuality through friendship and experimentation. A girl who loves easily and wants to be loved, fucked and abused in return. A seemingly fragile flower who offers herself to trusted people as a plaything.

Nov 28, 2013


Mr Shine placed me on the bed facing away from the door and we waited. It wasn't long before Mr Flame arrived. I don't turn around, he'd have my attention soon enough.

"Anything?", he checks with Mr Shine. "Yes, anything."

Listening to your partner hand you over to a near-stranger is a thrilling, if scary prospect. Knowing that he's sitting watching what was about to happen just about sent me over the edge.

Mr Flame got straight to work, pushing me back on the bed, squeezing my neck as he carefully explained what he was going to do: "beat you, make you cry, make you beg, fuck you, HARD". His dark eyes glowed with intensity; I was immediately scared.

It didn't take him long to remove my clothes, laughing at my attempts to fight him off. I cowered on the bed naked, shivering slightly with nerves as he looked me over. Then his hands were on me, pinching, squeezing, probing, holding me down with his body weight, making me feel what he had in store for me.

Twisted my nipples until I pleaded for mercy, followed up with a leather paddle across my beasts until I screamed. 

It was a short lived relief to be ordered to lie face down; he began beating me on my arse and thighs, first with his paddle, then his cane. No warm-up, every stroke as vicious and intense as his attitude. When it became too much I squirmed away from him, only to be retrieved by my hair.

His voice cold and menacing: "If I wanted you to move, I'd tell you to."

In fear I clutched the edge of the bed screaming out my pain as he pushed me to my limits physicaly, the thuddy cane falling over and over in the same spot. When he finally stopped, I was crying, as much with the effort of staying still as the pain. 

I didn't have much of a respite before he appeared before me, opening his trousers. I had no chance to resist, his cock straight down my throat as he warned me to make an effort, to satisfy him. Then made it clear how much pleasure he was taking in fucking my mouth, whilst I struggled not to gag.

By the time he fucked me I was already broken. Beginning with me on my back first so he could watch my face as he forced himself into me; enjoying my gasps of pain as he pounded harder and harder. Then flipped me over taking me from behind, his guttural enjoyment contrasting with my whimpers. 

When he had finally taken everything he wanted I was discarded, crying and dazed.

Mr Shine came to comfort me, gently taking his own pleasure, reclaiming me, as Mr Fame watched in approval.

Not just anything; everything. 


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Mr Shine said...

So hot to watch.

So hot to take you myself at the end.

So hot to read and to remember.